Soon: Why You can no Longer Text with Your iPhone While Driving

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A huge chunk of driving-related incidents over the past few years has been accounted for using mobile phones while driving, where drivers get distracted by the messages, mobile notifications, and calls. In last year alone, about 1.6 million of car accidents related to distracted driving were recorded, with 330,000 people injured.

The solution to this problem? To provide users with a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature. Apple, an acclaimed maker of iPhones, has expressed its intent to include this new feature in its upcoming iOS 11. It will aid in lessening the distractions experienced by the drivers, which primarily come from their mobile phones.

It will include disabling the notifications of messages, calls, and applications that usually cause the drivers to lose their focus while on the road. Advocates have emphasized that the distractions do not come from calls and messages alone, but from the simple pings and buzz coming from the social media apps on the users’ phones.

The feature will also include an auto-reply mode, where the sender will receive a message that the driver is on the road and that he won’t be able to view the message as soon as possible. However, senders can still push their message by replying with urgent when the automated text arrives.

Meanwhile, users may now set their favorite contacts who might be exempted from the feature. In addition to limiting the notification distractions from the drivers, the developers will also include the phone lock feature, where drivers might not be able to access some of the more popular applications while on the road such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. This is a positive development for parents who might want their driving children safe from the harms of distracted driving.

Apple Maps and Google maps are exempted from the aforementioned feature, although users might find it difficult to access the latter. The Apple Maps will prohibit users from inputting their location, but it will still be fully functional and easy to operate.

Apple CarPlay will also be exempted for those who are equipped with the same. The CarPlay helps in making drivers respond to messages through voice messaging and command. It also helps in making drivers use apps safely.

The autumn release of the iOS 11 aims to increase the drivers’ focus through the inception of this feature. Similarly, in pursuit of safe driving, Nissan also intends to create a box for phones where signals and radio waves will be blocked until the driving ceases.

It is expected that with this positive development, the accident trend related to distracted driving will substantially decline. This will help make the roads a lot safer and will make drivers navigate to their intended destination safely, with lesser risk of being hit by another vehicle.

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