The Number of Letters George Washington Wrote Will Shock You!

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The number of letters that George Washington wrote in his entire life might have been taken for granted by a lot people and scholars alike. But it is something noteworthy as it tells us of the richness of the world that existed within the genius mind of one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

George Washington was the first president of the United States. Taking this into consideration, it should not astound people as to why his letter count reached 18,000 to 20,000, which all includes official letters by the head of a newly founded nation.

One of the inspiring letters written by the renowned statesman is his letter to the Jews of Newport. The letter was so concisely written but every word of it conveyed a powerful message. The 340-word letter included a reassurance to those who came to the newfound nation due to religious persecution. It further mentioned that their life would be different then and that religious tolerance will eventually lead to religious freedom among the people.

The letter, dated August 1970, served as a fundamental precedence to the core values being held by the nation even up to the present: the separation of church and the state and the individual’s right to religion.

But some of these letters are personal ones that he wrote for his wife and loved ones. These personal letters showed the more comfortable and loving side of a powerful statesman that was long thought to be stoic and rigid.

The letters that the General addressed to his wife, Martha Washington, underwent mass eradication, but three survived. One of the three key letters was written during the Revolutionary War, and it deeply exposed the General’s capacity to express his love in every single word that he used.

The thousand letters also expressed his genius intentions, even on his deathbed. The last letter penned by the President was addressed to his farm manager, Alexander Hamilton, dated December 13, 1799. The letter expressed his last instructions before his death, including the idea of establishing a Military Academy.

All these personal and private letters that nearly reached 20,000 were given by the man himself to his nephew, Bushrod Washington right before he died. Indeed, the Founding Father himself had left the nation with an undying legacy that has surely touched every aspect of the federal values and beliefs. His beautiful words contained the packets of meaning that served as the foundation of a strong nation that, by itself, can thrive amidst all uncertainties.

The letters also exposed the soft-hearted general who, with his full capacity as a loving citizen of the new nation, left his loved ones behind for the love of country. He never fell short of having correspondence with his family despite serving the country and putting his life at stake.

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