13 People in the US and a Donut Have Something in Common

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Doughnuts are embedded into the very fabric of American culture ever since it was invented by Captain Hanson Gregory in 1847. Well, at least he was credited with the “hole,” which pretty much seemed like he invented nothing at all (how do you invent a nothing?). The recipe came from his mother, Elizabeth, who cooked food for the sailors in a New England ship.


In fact, when you think of the police in the US, you can’t really disassociate yourself of the image of a uniformed cop eating doughnut inside the vehicle.


Do you know how many doughnuts are produced in the US annually? 10 billion.


So, it really comes as no surprise when there are 13 Americans with the first name Donut. In fact, the only surprising thing is that it’s not more. In 2011, there were 11 people carrying the last name Donut or Doughnut. That would have grown by now unless the petitioned the court for a change of name.


At this point, however, nobody knows if the can trace their ancestry to this delicacy or they just love the doughnut so much they legally changed their surnames to the sugary delight.


How do you live up to that name, however? Sure, you can be creative like Mr. Donut B. Greedy, for instance, Mr. Donut Hole or Mr. Donut Jelly (which is a real surname, by the way). But there are just so many ways this name will go downhill without meaning to.


There’s also the fact that the name Donut is a veritable target-on-the-back kind of thing. You are going to be in the crosshairs of some bully. So if you are naming your kid Donut, just because you love it so much, better save up some money for some self-defense classes for your child. He or she’s going to need it.


But then again, it could be worse. After all, there are 500 people in the US with the name Sprinkles.


Below are just some fun trivia about doughnuts you might not know about:


  • Doughnuts caused tension between allied nations US and Britain back in WWII.
  • An average sized frosted doughnut has about 250 calories. A Krispy Kreme iced-choco donut meanwhile has about 350 calories
  • Speaking of donut, it’s an acceptable alternative spelling for doughnut
  • You can actually gain a pound every 10 days if you just eat one donut per day (it’s actually a staple in actress Renee Zellweger’s diet to gain pounds for her role in The Bridget Jones Diary)
  • Per capita, nobody touches Boston in terms of the number of doughnut shops
  • The French have their own version of the donut, and it’s literally translated as “nun’s farts.”


These are interesting facts about donuts. But an intriguing question is, do you know someone with the name Donut?

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