Here’s Why Dolphins Might Just Need Your Latest Phones Now

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Dolphins are long thought to be extremely intelligent. These mammals have brains bigger and more complex than that of the human species for about 25 million years. While it may not surprise readers to know that dolphins can communicate with each other, the fact that they can communicate over the phone might actually do.

The process was observed in an experiment under the Project Delphis – an effort to conserve the dolphin species and an undertaking to further analyze and study the renowned mammal’s behavior. One of the project’s experiments aimed to determine if dolphins can communicate remotely, that is if they can actually talk with their fellow dolphins even if the other is not physically present.

During the entire process, a mother dolphin was physically separated from her calf by placing them in two separate aquariums. There were underwater audio link set up to connect the two tanks in Hawaii. The result? The two initiated a conversation with each other by squawking and chirping – a characteristic of a typical dolphin “talk.”

While experts on the site may have confirmed that the two were indeed having some sort of conversation, it is still far from a possibility to decode the messages they’re trying to tell and convey with each other.

There has been an extensive study of the animals since the project started in 1985, but the difficulty in determining their words and language still persists up to the present despite the fast advancement in technology nowadays. Part of this difficulty is that the dolphins can stay longer underwater between their breathing patterns, including the fact that their communication and the “words” that they use are highly dependent on a given situation.

In one particular instance, the dolphins did retaliate against other dolphins that bullied them. They can call other members of the pack in order to get back at the perpetrators on the next day.

However, while one cannot yet decipher the conversation between dolphins, surely, these underwater mammals can actually form words or even sentences and communicate like human beings. For example, researchers found out that in one of the dolphins’ conversations, the listener receives the message from the “speaker” without an interruption at all. These animals can form messages denoting a call to the pack when they locate a source of food or when spotting a possible predator like sharks.

Indeed, dolphins deserve better than being mistreated and hunted for games or fun. They are actually capable of thinking and communicating, much like how humans can do. With the growing funding and interest in the research for these special mammals, there is hope that one day, humans will see the dolphins in the sea in plenty of numbers. Time might even come that people will give their phone numbers to them!

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