Find out Why Women Want to Cuddle After Sex

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Some couples might still be wondering until now as to why they still want to cuddle after every intimate bed session with their partners. This is a particular case that is mostly applicable to women than men and scientists say that the culprit is found right within their bodies.

According to most recent studies, the body of a person releases vital hormones during sex, including what’s called oxytocin. Oxytocin, which is also termed as the “cuddle hormone,” is primarily responsible with the feeling of empathy and attachment. Dr. Arun Ghosh of the Spire Liverpool Hospital further explained that this hormone is also responsible for the feeling of trusting other people and the lowering a person’s emotional guards.

But while this cuddle hormone makes couple feel the need to cuddle and emotionally attached with each other after a sexual intercourse, it is also to blame as to why one feels hurt when a short-term or even a purely sexual relationship comes to an end. With the natural release of oxytocin after sex, the body cannot distinguish the relationship of the person with the ones he or she got intimate with, creating a sense of false attachment.

Furthermore, the release of oxytocin is more prevalent among women than among men. The body of a man in a sexual intercourse rather produces more dopamine – a hormone responsible with the feeling of pleasure – making men less emotionally attached but more prone to sex addiction than women.

Other physical phenomenon occurring in the body while in an act of sexual intercourse include the activation of the 30 different parts of the brain that are responsible for satisfaction, emotion, and memory, among others. Minutes before the intercourse, the reward center of the brain also gets activated, making it more satisfying and pleasurable to commit oneself to the act.

In addition to the increased feeling of pleasure and attachment, the human brain also benefits over time with the act of sex. The cells of the brain get renewed over time, making people less prone to dementia. Thus, for couples who are actively engaged in the deed, the renewal of brain cells means the rejuvenating of the hormones, which continues the cycle of pleasure.

Hugging after every sexual intercourse might prove to be more awkward over time, but it may be an effective indicator of the health of the body and the brain of the parties involved. It indicates a healthy release of body hormones important in the regulation of the body processes.

Having sex is also healthy exercise proven and backed by science. However, both men and women should consider not simply doing it for the sake of sexual benefits. When less careful, one in a sexual relationship or engaged in casual sex hurts another person’s emotions and breaks hearts when it ends.

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