How Much Did Andre Roberson Gave As Tip After 30M Deal?

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Austin, Texas – Keep your kids in school and encourage them to love math so that in the future, they would not be as sorry as Andre Roberson is now.

Andre Roberson celebrated with his friends at Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, Texas after he signed his three-year contract with the Oklahoma City Thunders. It was a $30-million new deal that was supposed to be his shining Twitter moment, until a waiter stole the scene.

David Rodriguez from Chupacabra Cantina was not pleased with what Roberson wrote on his receipt. Full of angst and disappointment, the waiter posted Roberson’s tab, showing that the basketball player is a poor tipper. All hell breaks loose when the waiter’s post went viral – stealing the limelight from Roberson.

The tab shows that Roberson and his friends had to pay $487.13 based on what they consumed. Ethically, tips given are ten per cent up; you give less than that, you will be branded a scrooge. Andre Roberson gave a flat $500.00 to square off the bill.

That’s where his math got messier. The Thunder’s wingman indicated that his tip was $13.97, which means he should be paying $501.10! Roberson nonchalantly defended himself on Twitter to respond to the waiter’s post. He said that there was no actual service done since he only bought a bottle. News flash for him, the internet did not stop from calling him names!

His teammates even made fun of him on Twitter when Roberson attempted to divert the attention to his recent success. He tagged Steven Adams and Enes Kanter on his tweet, asking them how they are doing. Adams responded, saying that they were out to tip more than $13! Kanter replied with one good chuckle.

This has not been the first mathematical dilemma Andre Roberson has ever faced. Last year, OKC offered him a four-year contract worth $48 million. He declined, thinking that the previous season would make the management increase the offer. It turned out, though, that the season was not for him. He only averaged 6.6 per game with less than 50 per cent field shooting.

It came quite as a shock that he was still considered to play with the Thunder, even when his performance last season was far from outstanding. His new contract is actually $18 million less than what he was supposed to be raking. He has to improve his basketball and math skills further.

Andre Roberson continued to deny the allegation and further defended his math. In a recent statement, he said that he already gave $200 to the waiter. He even said that his family can attest to him being a good tipper. Unfortunately, no one is buying it. Lesson of the story: learn your math properly or lose millions when you tip poorly.


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