Dinosaur Scares Horses

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While it sounds hilarious and quite impossible, there is an actual incident where a Tyrannosaurus Rex actually faced off with modern horses carrying humans.

In Charleston, South Carolina, a woman hiding beneath a dinosaur make made her way to the town, spooking horse from horse-drawn carriages on May 18 at 5:30 p.m. The horses were immediately scared by the antics, which included growling and making elicit advances by the suspect. This caused the carriage to be struck down the nearby vehicle, causing minor damages to its bumper.

Van Sturgeon, the carriage driver, lost his balance and was eventually flipped over. The driver sustained injuries including bruises and broken bones in the left foot.

The issue reached its peak when the Charleston Animal Society offered $2,500 for the identity of the aggressor, with a promise that when the act was proven intentional, the bounty will be doubled.

On May 19, Nicole Wells, the person behind the mask surrendered herself to the authority, albeit admitting that she has no knowledge of what the charges against her means. She was charged later that day with disorderly conduct and with wearing a mask or disguise. The two horses were left unharmed.

The issue revolves not just around a simple scandal that went viral online. There has been an active resistance against the practice of maintaining horse carriages even at the modern times. The horses used are allegedly left hungry, thirsty, and overworked, implying a possible animal abuse.

In this light, the Palmetto Carriage Works owner Tommy Doyle accused the animal rights activists of provoking the incident in order to raise possible grounds against them. He further claimed that with these tactics, the animals are being exposed to further danger and harm.

Meanwhile, Joe Elmor of the Charleston Animal Society denied the accusations, further saying that wearing dinosaur masks for entertainment and even for prank is a global trend nowadays. While the group advocates the welfare of all the animals in their community, they are only for the improvement of the horse’s overall health and not for banning the trade. The Palmetto says otherwise.

Regarding the charge of wearing a mask, the same is considered illegal in South Carolina by their local rules and regulations. Citizens aged 17 and above cannot wear anything that will conceal their identity in public, even on Halloween.

While this incident can be funny on the surface, there are major issues demanding further actions that were brought into light. The horse carriage venture might be a boom for the many tourists that will come to the place, but it puts into perspective and into question the state of the animals that are being put into risk for profit.

For now, without knowing the actual intent of the perpetrator herself, and with the investigation ongoing, the question still remains whether the act was committed for this advocacy.

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