INTERESTING: These Little Ones Beat You to Outer Space

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We know that the first people in space arrived during the 20th century, but did you know that we also had animals in space before that? Yes, the first animals in space were the fruit flies and this was a rather interesting experience to be honest. They were launched via an US rocket in 1947.

Obviously, this was an experiment and one that managed to be quite successful in the end. The reason is simple, they were sent in a container that could help them sustain life. And even if there is no air in the outer space, the overall place where they were put did managed to keep them alive.

And they were alive when recovered too. It’s a really impressive story and one that shows the true power of animals. Even if they are very small and they are just fruit flies.

Not all animals would be able to survive in space, that’s for sure. But some of them do, as you can see here. It clearly shows that humanity and animals alike may have a bit of a chance when it comes to exploring the outer space.

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